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428 Pasta party

428 Pasta party


Educational benefits :
Fine motor skills - Socialization - Rules - Hygiene - Patience.

To learn by playing how to put the fingers on the right location : easier then to put the fingers on the right position to keep a pen.

Made in Japan specifically for children, those bamboo chopsticks are perfect for children starting 4 years.
Lightweight, with a diameter perfectly adapted to small hands, these chopsticks are the perfect tool to start not only to properly use chopsticks but also to learn to locate correctly the fingers.
The position of the fingers on the chopsticks is close to the position of the fingers on the pencilthe child learns to locate his fingers naturally and correctly while playing.
The child remains free at all time to change the positioning of the fingers and is not forced to put his fingers in rings like other products.
The positioning of the finger remains free, promoting a fluid and natural gesture.

On the front side, an illustration of the fingers right location.

On the back side, a simple game which develops fine motor skills.


Content for one bag (1 till 2 players) :
- 8 sticking nuddles (200 x 5 mm x 3 mm - 15.74 x 0.19 x 0.11 inches), permanently removable and washable : red (2 - tomato), pink (2 - salmon), green (2 - spinach), yellow (2 - safran).
- 2 plates.
- 1 pot.
- 2 chopsticks sets (1 set is two chopsticks).
- Instruction leaflet.

Cleaning : 
When not or less sticking, wash it by hand with cold water and dry it with a non-fluffy towel. 
Do not use a washing machine : material sticks on itself and the product is not clean.

Safety :
Starting 4 years.
Complies with
 toys safety standard EN 71 updated in 2014 and EU REACH Directives (not phthalate) which exist or apply from December 2015.
Not suitable for children less than 36 month. 
Small pieces - Suffocating risk

SBS material does not contain phenol (not mandatory testing in European Community for this product).

After five years in a pure bleach bath, the product remains adhesive (SBS material).

This product is guaranteed during 5 years.

This product is made using recyclable material.

Origin :
Designed and developped in France.
Noddles : SBS Material made in China.
Pot and plates  made in France.
Chopsticks in bamboo made in Japan.
Designed, assembled and packed in Île de France (France).

Pasta Party is part of the curriculum : "Tout le monde peut cuisiner" (anyone can cook)

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